My offer

Archive research

I research data regarding your family history from parish registers as well as from other genealogical sources

The main focus of my work lies on the catholic dioceses of Paderborn and Münster and the protestant church of Westphalia. I also work in the public record offices of Detmold and Münster.

I do researches in the ITS-archiv (International Tracing Service) in Bad Arolsen too.

I analyse, evaluate and transcribe the sources, so that you will be able to read and understand them.

In many cases pictures of the source can be provided as well.

For research in the catholic parish registers  in the archbishopric of Paderborn and Münster, please refer to my special arrangements further on.

Research results

The research findings may be processed, according to your needs and wishes.

In any case you will receive an exact copy and description of the source with all the necessary explanations.

Of course, I will also be able to provide you with a gedcom-file, if you wish, or draw up a graphic display, e. g. in form of a genealogical table.